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Relay For Life

Florida Southern College held its annual Relay for Life event April 13, with students behind the event working hard to continue its success.

Vice President of Revenue and Florida Southern College student Emma Morton worked hard to encourage businesses in the surrounding Lakeland community to donate to the cause. Places of interest included Palace Pizza, YLakeland and Chop Shop.

“I sent dozens of emails to local businesses asking them to sponsor or donate money to Relay for Life,” Morton said.

Regular phone calls, in-person visits, and social media messages were essential in soliciting the necessary donations for Relay.

“I made a point to contact each company as much as possible,” Morton said.

In addition to working to collect donations, Morton had to balance her role in Julius Caesar. Mornings were devoted to Relay and evening attention was given to Julius Caesar.

The event was held on a corner of Mr. George’s Green on the FSC campus near the Bandshell. Pi Kappa Phi, Zeta and Theta Chi were just a few of the organizations who participated in Relay.

There was talk of a booking conflict with Barney Barnett, who wanted part of the Green for a birthday celebration of sorts. Organization advisor Jackie Inskeep and president Megan Hartley was reached out to for comment, but responses were not received at the time this article was published.

Relay For Life is one of the most well-known events based out of the American Cancer Society. At least 27 countries worldwide hold Relay events each year and the money raised is essential to cancer research. The idea for Relay was first started in 1985 when a doctor ran laps for 24 consecutive hours to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

Dr. Gordon Klatt was the one who spearheaded the idea and formation of Relay for Life, according to the Relay website of the American Cancer Society. The info graph below shows how Relay for Life event typically runs. The image can be viewed in full on their website. More information on Relay can be found there as well in addition to the related links below.

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