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Tri Beta is keeping Florida Southern’s campus clean

Tri Beta, Florida Southern’s Biology Honors fraternity, held a campus-wide cleanup on April 14, with students making an effort to better the environment.

Once a semester, Tri Beta holds this event in hopes to keep the campus clean as well as raise awareness for recycling. In the past, these cleanups have taken place around Lake Morton and Lake Hollingsworth, but this was the first to take place on the main campus.

“Being a part of a science organization, we are trying to better the world in a way and that it’s not all about being in a clinic to help the world,” junior and member of Tri Beta Alvin Puri said.

“It’s all about giving back to the community, and I think it also teaches people a valuable lesson about the world,” Puri said. “Yes we are adults, but being in college there are still a lot of people cleaning up around us, so it feels right to give back and help them as well as hopefully better the world.”

This effort is also a part of Florida Southern’s effort to become more eco-friendly. A few years ago, the Moc Mart, a small convenience store on campus, stopped giving out plastic bags with each purchase, instead giving out tote bags for students to use.

There also has been an increase in recycling bins across campus. Food areas such as the Buckstop and Terrace Cafe did not used to have recycling areas until a few years ago.

While Florida Southern may have just recently begun to “go green,” colleges and universities across the country have also made an effort to become more eco-friendly over the past few years. Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., has a tradition every April where they attempt to see how little electricity they can use.

Stanford University uses plastic forks and knives in their dining halls. All the food that they throw away is shipped to a compost to be reused as fertilizer on the campus.

Portland Community College offers a five cent discount to students who use mugs instead of plastic cups at their on-campus coffee shops. The University of Connecticut actually has an Office of Environmental Policy to ensure they are doing the best they can to be more sustainable.

If Florida Southern will reach the level of environmental friendliness of these campuses remains to be seen, but this campus cleanup is a start.

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