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Women’s Golf Team Swinging Through the Season

Breaking records and focusing on finishing at the top at the national championship, the women’s golf team is making its way to postseason ranked sixth in the country on Golfstat.

The team has five players inside the top 100 in the individual rankings on Golfstat. Sophomore Amanda Gartrell  is inside the top 20.

Gartrell has placed in the top ten in five out of the six events in the spring season, where she broke her own personal record in her home tournament firing a one under par finish.

Sophomore Amanda Gartrell

“Our key to success this year has been our dedication to what we are doing and working towards,” Gartrell said. “No matter what obstacles stood in our way we stuck to who we are as a team and overcame them as a whole.”

Gartrell and her teammates practice every week Monday through Sunday, focusing on working to improve their attention on their game throughout their rounds. Each tournament played consists of 72 holes of golf over a three day period.

The team has been working with a specific system that requires doing the exact same steps in the same order for each shot to increase their consistency.

Gartrell said within those 72 holes there are many times a player they can become tired and unfocused. This system helps each player stay in the moment and not let what’s going on around them distract them from what they need to accomplish.

The team recently played in the Barry Invitational, which had the strongest field all year where the team placed fourth, beating two of the top ten teams.

Three out of the five moccasins playing in the event finished in the top 20, with Junior Tori Higgins finishing in the top 15.

Higgins has been a big contributor to the team all year. She adds an average of 76.2 and four top 15 finishes throughout the season.

“I believe our success this year is because of our commitment to our mental system,” Higgins said. “We’ve been putting together three full rounds as a team and coming down the stretch of holes we’ve been solid all year.”

Junior Tori Higgins

The team struggled last year with keeping three good rounds together, but this year the team has finished in the top six this spring season for every event. They improved the last round by nearly eight strokes or better from last year to this year.

Coach Robbie Davis is in his 21 season of coaching and will be competing for his fourth conference title.

Davis has been working with his players through the system in order improve their focus and mental game during practice and tournaments.

“Running a good performance system has been a very important part of this year for the team,” Davis said. “A step by step shot routine has improved everyone’s game and really shown everyone that we can compete for a national championship.”

The team will play next in Boca Raton for conference, where they will compete head to head against the best teams in the Sunshine State Conference.

Regionals will be held in Memphis, Tenn., and the top three teams will advance to the NCAA Women’s National Championship  in Dallas, Texas.


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