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A Sonny Debacle

Weeks of planning and preparation left the FSC Campus Cat Club puzzled upon learning the result of their profit sharing fundraiser at Sonny’s BBQ last month.

The event lasted for nearly 10 hours and earned a $41 check from Sonny’s corporate office. The club had covered all of their bases prior to the event: they advertised on social media, invited coworkers, family and friends and posted flyers around campus. Many of the club members and Care Team staff were angered and confused by the poor results.

“At least 25 people went there that I personally invited,” Care Team founder Nan Holleyman said.

In an attempt to make sense of this “senselessness,” as one club member called it, other campus organizations were asked to share their experiences with profit sharing events of their own.

Habitat for Humanity raised nearly $300 during their first event at Chipotle, which seems to be the restaurant of choice for clubs holding profit sharing fundraisers. Enactus is another organization that recently hosted an event at Chipotle in support of traveling to the National Exposition. Both clubs were there for much less than 10 hours and made a much larger profit than Sonny’s.

Chipotle gives 30 percent of its profits to organizations. Meanwhile, at Sonny’s, the exact amount was never explicitly broken down. The restaurant was slammed with supportive customers that day, so the end result just doesn’t make sense.

Below is a chart giving a brief overview of general Cat Care Team expenses and how much of that is covered by $40.


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