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Student Health Center Mishaps

Misdiagnosing, mishaps and more have been going down at the Florida Southern College Student Health Center, and many students are unimpressed.

The Health Center’s page on Florida Southern‘s website states the following, “Medical care will be provided by an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) who is able to diagnose and treat common physical health problems and prescribe medications.”

          Student Health Center Info

When I visited the Health Center last year, my evaluation was mainly carried out by a student nursing major and I walked out with an array of random medications. My plight is not the first or last case and there have been far worse issues that have occurred over time.

Nathalia Ricardo had the flu recently and visited the Health Center in hopes of relieving her symptoms.

Instead, she was met with what she felt was a “get me out of there” type of attitude. Upon describing her symptoms, Ricardo said that the Nurse Practitioner she spoke with said, “have you looked outside, there us pollen everywhere and its giving everyone a problem and I’m Florida born and raised and you’d think this wouldn’t affect me but it has.”

Other students who wished not to be identified complained of being misdiagnosed with allergies, or in some cases nothing at all, when in reality they were suffering from mono. According to an article by Jessica Firger of CBS News, “approximately 12 million adults who seek outpatient medical care are misdiagnosed.” That is quite an unsettling thought and brings to mind the question of how many college students are misdiagnosed each year.

“Other times I have gone all they say is we can’t do anything or you should go to the Watson Clinic,” Ricardo said.

The school’s website does provide a list of nearby urgent care and walk-in clinics, but after talking to various students it became evident that the proper protocol of giving students this information in person isn’t always followed. Further research indicates that Florida Southern isn’t the only college in which students have been misdiagnosed.

 Local Urgent Care & Walk in Clinics

In 2016 at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, a student was brushed off and sent on his way after complaining of back pain. As it turns out, he had a “torn and herniated disk.” 

In a similar case to a few of Florida Southern’s, another student at UCF had mono misdiagnosed and was given the wrong medication. The full article on UCF’s mishap can be found here.

UCF and FSC are just two of many American colleges whose health services have been criticized. Finding out that this issue exists across multiple campuses is nothing short of disturbing. It is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed, and sooner rather than later at that.


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