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FSC Honors Parkland with Gun Rally

The FSC College Democrats honored the victims of the Parkland shooting by holding a campus gun violence rally to raise awareness for gun control in tandem with the national walkout across the United States.

“A lot of places all over the county are conducting a school walkout from 10:00 a.m. to 10:18 a.m.,” president of College Democrats Mikela Guido said. “We decided to have one on campus as well, just a peaceful silent protest in remembrance of victims of gun violence.”

The gathering was 18 minutes long and honored the 17 victims of the Parkland shooting. The gathering itself was small, with as many as 10 people showing up for the full 18 minutes.

Before the moment of silence, Guido asked the group about measures to help reduce gun violence. Several students brought up legislation as a way to bring awareness and help reduce mass shootings.

One of the students in attendance was Carolyn Sellick, a member of the political advocacy group Next Gen Florida.

“I think it is very unrealistic to say ‘ok no guns,’ and that might even be the best thing, honestly,” Sellick said. “I really just feel there needs to be more attention to who is purchasing [guns] and where they are being purchased and obviously what their background is.”

The federal and state governments are noticing rallies like the one at FSC and across the nation. Politicians at both levels are trying to implement stricter gun laws. The House of Representatives recently voted on a bill, and Governor of Florida Rick Scott signed a state bill that will regulate guns as well.

“I think it’s important for Florida Southern because it’s a way to get across our ideas without making anyone upset,” Guido said. “I definitely think it’s important, but we really need to register voters and vote out these legislators that are in favor of military-style weapons in civilian hands.”

Guido said that the gatherings are not aimed at upsetting the conservative community but instead strive to raise awareness for the issue. He also talked about making rallies such as the one held in remembrance of Parkland bigger and more vocal within the local community.

“Something we can do differently is holding a march. I know we have done those before, something more loud that draws attention, but I think that’s really hard on a college campus,” Guido said. “I think it’s better out in the community.”

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