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Florida Southern Students Spend a Semester Abroad in London

Over 4500 miles away, students from all around the globe, including those at Florida Southern College, take the trip to study abroad in London at Regent’s University of London.

Florida Southern provides students every year the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in London. This year, ­four FSC students decided to take the trip across the Atlantic Ocean.

Studying in London for five months, each student takes around four or five classes for the semester and learns about the diverse culture and surroundings of London.

Junior Tulsi Patel is taking four classes at Regent’s. She is studying business administration along with economics and finance, focusing more on the economics and finance side while in London.

“The classes here are completely different. We have two main assignments or papers that make up our grade,” Patel said. “The grading is also different here because no one makes higher than an 80, which is an A.”

Regent’s University provides opportunities for students who are studying business and management, film, media and performance, politics and international relations, fashion and design, liberal arts and humanities, and psychotherapy and psychology.

Junior Anna Burns is taking five classes at Regent’s, including cross culture prospective in management, corporate and management law, international marketing, brand strategy and psychology of child and adult development.

Burns said the most interesting class so far is cross cultural because she is learning about different cultures around the world, but in a business setting.

“The biggest difference between Florida Southern and Regent’s is the amount of diversity,” Burns said. “Regent’s is about 75 percent international students and has a very diverse population, whereas FSC has very little international population.”


Photo by Tulsi Patel. Regent’s University in London

Burns is a member of Kappa Delta Sorority on campus and is majoring in Business Administration. Burns explained that being a member of Kappa Delta has brought her many friendships, and she is excited to have made new ones at Regent’s as well. 

“The people I have met in the processes of moving my life for five months to a new country has really impacted this experience and my love for it a lot,” Burns said. “[I’ve been] traveling throughout Europe with girls that I met only a month and a half ago, and now they’ve become close friends.”

Burns and Patel have traveled to France, Scotland and England. They said they have made plans to visit at least eight other countries together and with other Regent’s students before their time in London is over.

Junior Brooke Bezdek also took the leap to study abroad with Burns and Patel at Regent’s.

Junior, Brooke Bezdek in Ireland at Cliffs of Moher.

“The best part about getting to study abroad in London is how easy it is to travel to other countries and see their different cultures,” Bezdek said. “After my time in London, I will have visited more than ten countries.”

Bezdek said she has visited family in Manchester, Barcelona, Kingston, Cambridge and Paris. During her time in Paris, she went skiing in the mountains.

To Bezdek, the best part about Regent’s is not only being in Europe but the freedom to be able to visit other countries and learn about new cultures. She said coming back to Florida Southern will be quite the change.

“Since I will have been gone eight months from Florida Southern, it’s going to be a little interesting coming back because I have friends graduating this semester,” Bezdek said. “I hope that I am able to jump back into life at Florida Southern, but Lakeland is definitely nothing compared to London.”

Bezdek said the application process was much like applying for Florida Southern except there were no essays needed for the application. Regent’s asked what major she was interested in and what classes she would be taking. The process was quick and easy.

She also said the travel office at school was helpful in her decision to go to London by providing all the key information to study abroad.

Bezdek said that if anyone has the opportunity to study abroad during their time at Florida Southern, they should take it. They will not regret their decision and will be amazed at all they learn and experience .

The students have been studying abroad for about three months now and have two months until they have to pack their bags and return to the United States in the third week of May.


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