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Florida Southern eSports Team Off To Strong Start

The eSports team, a new club sport team at Florida Southern, has been off to a strong start in their very first season.

Feb. 19 the team played the University of Pikeville in Hearthstone, winning 3-1, followed by another victory Tuesday against St. Clair’s 3-2. Against Pikeville, the team lost their first game but bounced back to win three straight games.

The St. Clair’s match was against an opponent who had reached legendary rank, but player Wil Fisackerly led the way to victory.

“We won the first two games, but played really sloppy the next two and they forced a game five,”  Fisackerly said. “Luckily we won and played strong in the last match.”

On Feb. 26, the team had a tough loss against the University of Utah. The team started up 1-0 before dropping three straight, but Head Coach Nate Carson seemed optimistic about his team.

“We had a couple big misplays that cost us the match, but we learned a lot from our tough loss though,” Carson said.

On Feb. 27, the team will being playing Hearthstone against the University of California at Berkeley and will also make history with the match streaming online.

“I’m hoping for a good turnout of viewers, we could have 50, we could have 5,000, so we will just have to see,” Carson said. “As for the match, I think it’s going to go all five games. I think it’s going to be tough but very winnable.”

Carson, a former student, has been a competitive gamer for quite a while now. During his senior year, he decided to help the Office of Student Development start the program before being named head coach once the team was formed.

Florida Southern recently added this club sport team this semester with the goal for a full varsity squad to be formed during the upcoming Fall 2018 semester. Once the team becomes a varsity squad, it will be the first team in Florida to join the NACE, or National Association of College eSports.

In addition to Hearthstone, the team plays several other games competitively. The team also plays League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm.  Rocket League and Overwatch are games that will likely be added in the fall once the team officially becomes varsity.

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