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The Balandi Company is on the rise

A young Florida Southern student has started a clothing line in order to give back to his community.

David Balandi, a 19-year-old, Business Administration and Accounting major, started his company, Balandi, last year in the summer. Balandi’s company sells exercise and streetwear clothes for all people to wear. He claims the business started one night from Balandi just being bored.

“I was just practicing for basketball, and I realized how bored I was,” Balandi said. “After that, I talked to my brother and said, ‘Okay, I think I’m going to start a business.'”

Photo Credits: David Balandi

Shortly after, Balandi was hard at work building his company. He spent most of his days trying to figure out what exactly Balandi’s company would sell. He would finally settle on fashion before moving on to the name. Balandi went through 50 logo designs before finally choosing his current logo.

His motto is ‘For the kids’, and the company holds a high standard to that. Balandi is using his funds from his fashion store to provide toiletries, clean water and clothes for children in an orphanage home in Burkina Faso. Even though Balandi is originally from Chad, he attended high school in Burkina Faso and has visited the orphanage a  few times.

When asked why he focused on exercise clothes, Balandi laughed.

“I have always loved to stay active, I believe sports can build discipline in children,” Balandi said. “It’s also just a lot of fun for me and them.”

PC: David Balandi

Half of his time is spent creating new outfits that are easy to exercise with. The rest of his time is split between school and giving back to the community, no matter where he is.

“The name of the company actually isn’t just my last name,” Balandi said. “It’s balance, achieve, lead, accomplish, nourish, dedicate, and inspire.”

Balandi wants to be an inspiration for his community in Africa. He deeply believes that helping people in need is the most important thing to him, which he wants customers to understand that when they choose to wear his clothes.

“The most difficult thing to me was putting it all together,” Balandi said.

In five years Balandi said he should have a solid foundation in Lakeland. After his audience grows, he wants to expand to other cities in central Florida, such as Orlando. After that, Balandi wants to take his business throughout America before moving on to other countries.

PC: David Balandi

“The thing that I want the most for my company is being personal,” Balandi said. “You don’t always see big CEO people coming down to talk to their workers. I want to change that.”

PC: David Balandi

Balandi wants to incorporate as much diversity as possible when it comes to his companies image. Balandi plans on making a major difference with his company, one person at a time.

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