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Career & Internship Expo

The 2018 Florida Southern College annual Career and Internship Expo raised questions among many college majors who were not at all represented at the lackluster event this past Valentine’s Day.

Students of all years walked through the doors of Honeyman Pavilion hoping to meet their career or internship match, but many were met with disappointment. Business and Education were the stars of the show, while others, such as Communication, Music, Art and Political Science were just a few of the majors that were horribly underrepresented.

FSC sophomore and Music Education major Nathalia Ricardo said she didn’t even go to the expo, as she assumed music wouldn’t be represented.

“It felt like it would be a waste of time for me,” Ricardo said.

Assistant Director of Career Development Garrett Secor was able to provide some insight on how the selection process for businesses works. He said that although it is a combination of one side reaching out to the other, the businesses themselves are usually the ones to make initial contact with the school.

When asked about the overwhelming presence of education and business major related organizations, Secor said that insurance and banks are “heavy recruiters” and often look for college graduates. Most of the connections are made by the Barney Barnett School of Business and Free Enterprise, and “education is a large major”, he explained.

Among the businesses present at the expo was the FBI, a fairly unexpected twist. A recent graduate was hired by the FBI and was able to coordinate bringing them to campus for the Expo. While the informational booklet showed the FBI was open to most majors, communication majors in particular seemed to be brushed off.

Multimedia Journalism and Film Studies major Kristen Harris lost the FBI’s attention almost immediately upon stating her field of study.

“I felt like there wasn’t anything that was specific to what my major is,” Harris said. “I would’ve loved to see more opportunities for communications jobs and internships outside the realm of marketing or sales.”

Overall, the Career Center holds the position that the Expo was successful. Secor stated that 90 percent of survey respondents reported having valuable or very valuable interactions with potential employers. Some even scheduled interviews right then and there.  Secor did mention the intent to bring in more representation to liberal arts majors in the future–something that would definitely be good to follow through with.

Business and Education are large fields, but not the only ones present at Florida Southern College. Thus, proper representation should be given to the other numerous majors that work just as hard to get through college and pave their own career paths.


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