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Southern Takeover Artists Announced

After weeks of anticipation, the artists for this year’s Southern Takeover have finally been announced.

American Authors, Joan, and Cyn will be performing at this year’s event. The theme for this year has been titled “Flosopallooza,” a pun of the legendary festival Lollapalooza. This theme also played a large role in the changes made to the event.

“In the past we’ve typically booked artists first and then tried to think of other things to do at the concert once the artists are booked,” ACE’s Wyatt Robinson said. “But this year I decided to flip that and create an event experience first and then plug in artists who fit well with that experience.”

American Authors were formed in Brooklyn back in 2006. Their two albums, released in 2014 and 2016, have spawned several huge hits, including “Best Day of My Life,” “Believer,” and “Go Big or Go Home.” “Best Day of My Life” was also featured in various commercials for Lowe’s and Hyundai. They have performed at several festivals, most notably Lollapalooza and SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Joan is an Arkansas duo known for their alternative pop music focused on 80’s nostalgia. Cyn is a singer from Detroit who was recently signed to Katy Perry’s Unsub Label. She has released several singles and has a forthcoming EP that should be arriving soon.

In addition to the artists, there will be other activities happening while the concert will be going on.

“It will be an outdoor event with free food trucks, novelty items, and games will also be a big attraction,” Robinson said. “We also hope to make it feel like a real mini version of Lollapalooza or other big rock concerts, only free.”

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