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Cinematheque Adds to Campus Film Culture

Cinematheque is a Communication Department organization that aims to show films that students may not otherwise see.

“The name Cinematheque derives from the largest film collective in the world,” Assistant Professor of Communication Matthew Herbertz said.  “I had a Cinematheque when I was in undergrad from my former film professor and I have carried that legacy.”

Herbertz stressed that the tone of Cinematheque is informal and that the discussion avoids any academic pressure to better facilitate the discussion. Herbertz wants to make Cinematheque an outlet to go beyond just causally enjoying film.

“Hopefully this idea of a culture of film enthusiasts but also future filmmakers want to get together and see stuff and learn,” Herbertz said.  “To realize that it takes a lot of time and effort to get into this art for and this medium.”

Cinematheque is the first step to establishing a film culture on Florida Southern College’s campus.

“He is always looking for ways to grow the film program on campus, and Cinematheque is an awesome, laid-back way to do that,” FSC Communication major Julia Couch said.

Currently, Cinematheque works in a very supplementary form to the film studies major. Most of the students who go to Cinematheque are already a part of the film studies program.

“With the ability to have it as a Passport event, word of mouth, you get students outside of that in order to create a community with familiar faces,” Herbertz said. “So that students start to feel comfortable with each other, with myself as a faculty member, to be able to talk about film anytime.”

Cinematheque also acts as a resource for students to get inspiration for their own projects and films. Even with the inspiration that Cinematheque has to offer, there have still been some hurdles the organization has come across.

“Students here at Florida Southern are so active and extracurricular,” Herbertz said.   “It’s a hurdle but also a positive thing. I’m sympathetic that students challenge themselves in multiple fields, but it is a challenge to create that consistency.”

Herbertz talked about some of the positive aspects of having Cinematheque, most notably when a student wanders in and likes the film that was shown because it’s different.

“Students are emotionally impacted by what they see never really thought that film could impact them that way,” Herbertz said.  “Also make students aware that there is something like this going on, that filmmaking and film theory is being taught at Florida Southern.”

Cinematheque is held every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the Chatlos Building room 105.

“I highly recommend attending Cinematheque for anyone that loves movies, that wants to broaden their perspective, or even if they just have a free Thursday night,” Couch said.

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