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GRE prep helps students take first steps into future

For many undergraduate students, the Graduate Record Examination is the first step towards a successful future, and Florida Southern’s prep class equips them with the skills they’ll need to pass.

According to Kamalie Morales, Associate Director of Adult and Graduate Admission, Florida Southern College hosts a free GRE prep course for all students in February, June and October. The only requirement is that each participant purchases the official study book before the course begins.

Assistant Director of Adult and Graduate Admission and current FSC MBA student Hannah Baron took the GRE prep course in 2016. She said it allowed her to start her commitment to earning her master’s degree.

“I had to go to classes, which helped me prepare for the MBA hybrid format,” Baron said. “Also, I had been out of school for years, so I was able to learn to how study again, finding my weaknesses and strengthening them throughout the prep course.”

This semester’s prep course began last Thursday in Becker Business Building. Thirteen students gathered to take three pre-assessments that tested both their verbal reasoning and their qualitative skills.

The course, which is administered by the Learning Resource Center of Polk County, will continue through the end of February. Each class period covers a different section of the exam.

“For students who learn best through in-person instruction, the prep class offers an instructor to guide you through studying and to provide useful tips on how to best prepare for the exam,” Morales said.

Beth Bailey, Ph. D., and Susan Larson, MBA, will administer practice tests and teach the students test-taking strategies.

Many graduate programs require GRE scores in the same way that undergraduate institutions require ACT or SAT scores as part of the application process. Baron highlighted that scoring well on the GRE is beneficial to any student seeking an advanced degree.

“I wanted to pursue my master’s degree because I wanted to be a competitive candidate in the workforce to advance in my career,” Baron said. “Although I graduated cum laude at my previous institution, I had grades from other institutions that lowered my cumulative GPA.”

Baron relied heavily on her GRE score to make sure she met the requirements for her MBA program. She suggests that students preparing for the GRE take practice exams outside of the prep course classroom as well.

Morales highlighted both the Career Center and the official GRE website as other sources for test prep materials.

According to a recent study, the number of adults pursuing advanced degrees is on the rise. The data suggests that graduate study is becoming more common in the United States.

However, those who pursue further education upon completing their bachelor’s degrees are still in the minority.

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