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The Career Center shakes things up this semester

The Career Center at Florida Southern College launched its Handshake initiative at Badcock Garden on Feb. 1. Students were able to play games, grab free Chick-fil-A sandwiches and even enter a raffle to win an Amazon Echo Dot.

Melissa Kulp, Director of Career Development, hopes students will enjoy the new platform.

“The Handshake program will allow for students to partner up with employers when they’re looking for internships or jobs,” Kulp said. “It’s counterintuitive, so the more you fill out your profile, the program will connect you to jobs more personal to you.”

The Handshake launch allowed students to activate their accounts on the new system. Career counselors were able to help students get their accounts set up by simply just sending an e-mail link.

The program can be accessed on computer or on your mobile device. Handshake also allows students to easily set up appointments and meetings at the Career Center. Amanda Owens, Career Services Specialist, said the launch was able to help 180 students from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.





“It turned out to be a great event,” Owens said. “Students came right between classes during lunch to learn about the program and talk to some of the Career Center staff.”


The launch not only went great for career counselors, but also for the students. Taylor Paulin, a junior at FSC, said the Handshake program helped her access everything she needed for her upcoming internships.

“Its all in one location now,” Paulin said. “Employers will now be able to see the work I’ve done and get in contact with me as quickly as they can.”

Kulp said the program should encourage students to not only start building resumes early but also to visit the career center more often.

“The career center is always open for students to stop by or if they need help,” Kulp said. “I hope that students will feel comfortable enough to visit more, we want students to start coming their freshman year.”

Kulp explains that when students come in their freshman year, the career counselors will have a better grip on the students personality. This allows for the career counselors to try and accommodate each student with jobs and internships within the field of their major.

Kierra Hickombottom, another junior at FSC, said her experience at the launch was very interactive.

“I didn’t even know the Career Center had this available for us,” Hickombottom said. “It was very informative and so easy to use, there was even Chick-fil-A breakfast sandwiches. I’m definitely going to be  coming around (the Career Center) more often.”


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