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Southern Takeover Anticipates Changes

Southern Takeover has long been one of the most anticipated annual concerts Florida Southern gives to its students, but some students are also anticipating changes to the event.

Artists like Easton Corbin, We The Kings, and New Politics have come here at put on a performance for students to remember. Last year brought another exceptionally talented artist, Raury, but the student turnout seemed to be substantially lower than past years.

“I was familiar with some of his music, but I was expecting a lot more people than what showed up,”¬†sophomore Cameron Urfer said. “If I had to guess, there was maybe a hundred or so people there,”

Raury is a rapper/singer/songwriter from outside of Atlanta, Ga. He has had a very successful career, including an album that charted in the Top 100 Billboard Albums for sales, being featured on the cover of the XXL Magazine for their annual “Freshman Cover” for upcoming artists and having a song on the soundtrack to the movie Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

Despite all this, student attendance seemed to be at an all time low. Some believe this may have been due to it not being promoted as much as previous Southern Takeover concerts.

“I don’t think it was, but I think this has to do with the fact he was chosen later in the Southern Takeover artist selection process than other artists in previous years,” former Graduate Assistant for Student Involvement Anthony Woodside said. ¬†“Also that school year, marketing and advertising in general was something that ACE needed to work on.”

Another issue that may have led to lower turnout was the cancellation of the previous year’s Southern Takeover that was supposed to feature rapper Lil Dicky. The event was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. Some students may have lost faith in the performance after this cancellation

“Maybe a lot of people didn’t have trust that there would be a good show so they didn’t go,” Head of the ACE Music Department Brandi Small said. ¬†“I also think changing the location from Mr. George’s Green to Branscomb may have been a factor.”

Small did say there will be changes made to this year’s upcoming Southern Takeover performance. The theme announced has been Lollapalooza, one of the biggest music festivals in the world known for its emphasis on more Indie-based acts. While the artist has not been announced, many are anticipating some of these changes and hoping for a great event.

“I’m definitely still excited for it and will be in attendance. I’m excited to see what changes they have made and where they go with the event this year,” Urfer said.

This year’s performers are expected to be announced on Feb. 7.

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