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LOL Seminars Educate on Leadership

Florida Southern College is putting on leadership seminars for clubs and organizations and is offering $50 to each of the organizations that go.

Lessons in Leadership (LOL) are seminars dedicated to informing club leaders about the necessary steps to be a leader and run an organization.

“CSI is starting this new this whole new leadership initiative,” Executive Vice President of  Student Government Natalie Barton said.  “Their two focuses are civic engagement and leadership, and there are a few things that have come out of leadership.”

There have been three seminars thus far. The past topics for the seminars include communication, event planning and retaining members.

Barton helped come up with the topics for each of the seminars while Director of Student Involvement Brittany Donatelli was the main force behind the idea. Student Government sent out surveys to better cater the topics of the LOL seminars to the vast majority of needs.

“If organizations come to more LOL seminars, it unlocks funding to your organization,” Barton said.

As of now, organizations can get $50 for showing up to the LOL seminars. Barton also detailed plans to increase students activity via monetary incentive.

“We are in the process of doing byline revisions for SGA starting with this tier system,” Barton said.  “If organizations show up to every President’s Circle, do Blast Off and Relaunch they can unlock $250 every year.”

If clubs and organizations participate in these events, they will have the opportunity to earn more money. Barton stressed that SGA wants clubs to feel supported by the school.

There will be more seminars over the course of the next few months, with the next one Feb. 15. The February meeting is about finance and is located in PDR.

For more scheduling information see the LOL portal on MOCsync.

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