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Winter Lyrical Concert inspires students

Inspiration can come from anywhere for artists. Whether it be from within, from life, or from exceptional performances, inspiration and hope can be found in a variety of sources. One Florida Southern student in particular may have just experienced a source of inspiration.

The Winter Lyrical Concert is an annual event at Florida Southern. Vocal performers from across the country are brought in to bring the school and community a grand performance for the evening.

The opera company Larzuelas y Arias Operaticus featured the group Voices of Miami in Branscomb Auditorium. They were brought to Florida Southern in partnership with the Club Hispano de Lakeland. They performed several songs from a variety of Spanish Operas.

The crowd was filled with a variety of people from various age groups, from members of the community, to members of the Hispanic Club, to students of Florida Southern. One student in particular inspired by the performance was Tatiana Montilla.

Montilla is a senior Vocal Performance major at Florida Southern and has hopes of potentially being a performer in the opera. After attending the Winter Lyrical Concert, she felt more certain it could become a possibility.

“I really enjoyed this performance,”¬†Montilla said. “They did a great job of showcasing different operas and familiar songs for people who may not have the most knowledge of the opera. I would have loved to perform in this,”

Montilla has performed at a multitude of events during her time in school, from recitals to singing the Star-Spangled Banner at sporting events. She would like to do something music related but is open to possibilities

“I’m still unsure what exactly I want to do in life, but I have always loved the opera and being a Vocal Performance Major I definitely could see myself doing something similar to this performance and¬† someday,” Montilla said.

What is for sure is her appreciation for the arts and recent inspiration received from the performance.