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Ulta’s bad recycling habit

A former Ulta Beauty employee has recently called out the entire business on their unsanitary practices. The former employee took to Twitter and released numerous tweets accusing her former managers on cleaning returned make up items.

“They would resell EVERYTHING,” Twitter user @fatinamxo said. “Makeup, haircare, skincare, fragrance, hair tools, etc.)”

She said that during her employment, her managers would encourage for employees to go through any returned items. They would use cotton swabs, alcohol and napkins to wipe off palettes and foundations,  then place them back on the shelves for repurchasing.

This has caused other Ulta Beauty employees to respond and even talk about their own experiences within the company. Aliza Vargas, 20, was a former employee at Ulta Beauty. Vargas refrained from specifying which location in Lakeland she was formerly employed.

“I went through some of the damages and makeup that was returned,” Vargas said. “My general manager would tell me to repackage it in the same box after cleaning it off a little.”

It was seen as a common practice at Vargas’ store between management and employees.

Using returned or already used make up can cause serious health infections to consumers.

“When it comes to makeup, it’s best to be selfish and keep your products to yourself. ” Dr. Jessica Wu from Everyday Health wrote.”In fact, in one study researchers found bacteria such as staph (which causes impetigo), strep (which causes strep throat) and E. coli  in department store makeup testers.”

If the allegations are true, Ulta Beauty must quickly evaluate its stores and its employees. Ciara Albert, 20, is currently employed at the Ulta Beauty on Merchants Walk in Lakeland.

“I just feel as though they had bad management at the store that was being accused,” Albert said. “Management are the only employees that can determine what happens to returned items. I know that is a products looks or has been used we do not put it back on the shelf.”

The Ulta Beauty assistant manager was unavailable for an interview at this time.

The company issued a statement to the Revelist about its recent allegations in regards to the numerous allegations.

“The health and safety of our guests is a top priority for Ulta Beauty and we take these matters very seriously. Ulta Beauty’s practices do not allow the resale of any items that have been opened and/or used. The actions described appear to be inconsistent with our practices and we are currently looking into this matter.”

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