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Women’s Golf Plays with Team Sponsors

The Women’s Golf team played with long time sponsor and supporter Dee Carnes at Mountain Lake Golf and Country Club this past Monday.

The team makes an annual trip up to Mountain Lake to see Carnes. Coach Robbie Davis brought all eight of his players for a round of golf with sponsors and other course members.

“They’re young, beautiful, enthusiastic, and great at golf. I’ve been a sponsor for around 15 to 20 years, and it’s always so fun to see the team every year,” Carnes said.

Carnes has lived in Lake Wales and been a member of Mountain Lake the past 20 years. She has played with the Moccasins since 2008.

Alumni Emily Flanigan, Coach Robbie Davis, Sponsor Dee Carnes

Junior Tori Higgins played with member Art Rogers. Rogers worked in banking for over 35 years and has since retired living in Maine and Florida.

“I’ve been a member of Mountain Lake for 25 years. This is a wonderful course, and we rarely get to see a beautiful golf swing, and when the Florida Southern team comes, we get to see many,” Rogers said.

Rogers said he loves the course because it’s a nature preserve, and the course is kept in pristine condition.

This is the first year Rogers has played with the Moccasins and was ecstatic to be back next year to play again with the team.

Member Art Rogers and Senior Abbey Williams

This is the third year Higgins has participated in the annual trip to Mountain Lake.

“I love playing at Mountain Lake,” Higgins said. “It’s one of the most beautiful golf courses we are able to play all year and the members are very kind to us. They are extremely welcoming in allowing us to play with them during a time they could be playing with their friends.”

Higgins stressed the importance of making good relationships and connections with people that are the team sponsors and those that could potentially be sponsors in the future.

“Florida Southern has a great golf program, and it’s really important that we show our hard work and dedication to the game when we play with members at other courses. It’s always fun to play with new people and make those connections for the future,” Higgins said.

The Moccasins are in full gear practicing Monday through Saturday every week for their upcoming tournament at Kiawah Island starting Feb. 3.