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RecFest from a student worker’s perspective

“Every year I look forward to working RecFest, it promotes the wellness center and everyone has fun while working it.” – Chris Nottage, Senior


“It was an incredible time seeing everyone enjoying being active together. Can’t wait for next year.” – Alvin Puri, Junior


“RecFest was a fun and enjoyable to work. I can’t wait to work it next year to have an even better time with my friends and coworkers.” – Craig Pullum, Junior


“Working RecFest is a ton of fun and a unique experience. Playing Human Foosball with friends and co-workers was an unforgettable experience.” – Hayden Gotsch, Sophomore


“RecFestivus for the rest of us. Restfully active.” – Stephen Holly, Senior

“Cold.” – Stephen Merrick, Junior


“It was great to have fun with the participants, enjoy the food, and still represent the wellness center. I loved it.” Alyssa Reinhart, Junior


“It was cool to see everyone come together and be active and learn more about the wellness center – Danielle Giblin – Senior


“RecFest is just a great way of showing off the Wellness Center and saying a huge thank you to the students who make our growing wellness center a possibility. It’s always a good time and great to see students coming out to participate.” – Luis Rivera, Senior



“It was just under 650 attendees, the biggest number of participants we ever had a RecFest and it was a great way to kick off the semester.” – Jason Darby, Head of Florida Southern Wellness Center